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Room 5

Haere mai, Afio mai, Kia Orana and Welcome to our Senior Class.

There are 28 focused learners in Room 5 bursting with enthusiasm to inject 110% effort into their learning! BOOM! I believe it is appropriate and a privilege to share with you some of the “student voice” and viewpoints of Room 5 students about their learning.

What is a good learner? 
“A good learner never regrets suggesting ideas; your team will support you in every step.” Mairangi, Lahjahn and Novao. 
“A good learner is not afraid to make mistakes because you can learn from them.” Carmen and Taiaopo.
"A good learner works together as a team and achieve lots of things, and help each other in need.” Javanah and Gladys. 
“A good learner is a happy learner, a good learner is confident to speak to the teacher and asks the teacher to explain something two or more times!” Alysa Jess and Cylis. 
“A good learner never gives up, a good learner says nice things to each other.” Baz, Donia and Dallas Marie. 
“A good learner works in a team and make sure they listen to each other.” Lima and William. 

What is a good teacher? 
“A good teacher is a person that cares about your future, making sure they teach you to be a great learner by having quality and correct work.” Lahjahn, Novao and Javanah.
“A good teacher has high expectations of her students and also learns new things while teaching.” Jonty, Emilee and Neriah.
“A good teacher encourages students and builds up their confidence.” Elyse, Ihaia and Sitiva.
“A good teacher makes sure you are on the right track.” William and Lima.
"They’re happy, I’m happy and may 2014 be a year of success and high achievement." Mrs Farquhar.

Ia manuia lava le tausaga fou,

Leka and the wonderful Room 5.