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Our Staff

Maraeroa School has a small, friendly staff. 


Kathleen O'Hare

Kia ora
I feel privileged and proud to be appointed the Principal of Maraeroa School.
I have a passion for working with children and over the last 20 or so years, have spent the majority of these working in Porirua East schools. My own primary and secondary education took place in Porirua schools.
I firmly believe that our focus at Maraeroa School is on our students – specifically their learning, their ability to achieve and that they are able to experience success academically, socially and culturally.
I look forward to working with our students, our teachers and our school community in building a positive learning environment that is safe and respectful to all.

Leka Farquhar
Associate Principal

Talofa lava! Each year I feel more and more energised and determined to continue the focus on raising high achievement in our children’s learning. I am thrilled to see the children coming to school eager to learn, feeling good about themselves as learners and taking more control of their own learning! So come on board parents and families – come witness for yourselves the quality work the children pack into their busy day at school and it will be lovely also for the children to see you recognising their hard work! GO 2017!

Dot Payne
Room 1

I believe that the best way to learn is to talk, explain, question and share ideas with others. Working in pairs or small groups is better than independently. Two heads, working at one problem, is better than one. More heads is even better. I like to give opportunities for creativity and exploration during the school day. Our afternoon walks around our local community are a great way for the children to think, share and imagine outside the classroom environment. 

Maraeroa School is a great place to be, set in a great community.

Peter Quin
Room 2

Richard Rogers
Room 3 
I have been involved in teaching outdoor education in the UK for over 13 years, and since coming to live in New Zealand, with my wife and two children, I have qualified as a teacher.  I have been associated with Maraeroa School for over 2 years and I always enjoy the welcome I get each day when I get to school, making me feel part of the Maraeroa whanau.  I love the outdoors and am a passionate sailor and kayaker.

Diane Grant
Room 4
Over the many years that I have been teaching I have appreciated the opportunity to get to know and teach many young people.  Their curiosity, spontaneity and their eagerness to learn makes my role as a teacher truly enjoyable. I feel passionate about teaching and being a part of Maraeroa School.

Susan Arthur
Room 5 
Susan Arthur
Teacher - Year 4, 5, 6
Whanau Ako Nui

Class blog 

Kia ora.  In Whanau Ako Nui we work hard to develop our learning skills.  We work together to set goals, collaborate to solve problems, reflect on our thinking and identify our next learning steps.  We are one big learning family.

Zita McKendry
Room 6

Claire Stenhouse
Reading Recovery


Zofia Heath

Office Manager

Being the Office Manager of our lovely school allows me to meet and interact with a lot of wonderful people every day.  

I love being part of Maraeroa School, especially getting to know all the children and their families.

Teacher Aide
Working at Maraeroa School is awesome and that is why I have stayed so long.  I enjoy helping our kids learn and I learn from them too.

Teacher Aide
Kia ora.

My name is Merline Lambert.  I am a teacher aide in Room 1.

Tena Koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa.

I consider myself extremely privileged to be the full-time  Teaching Assistant in Room 4 - New Entrants.  

I have been in the role for 2 1/2 years and I really enjoy working with children at the very beginning of their Primary School years.  

Teacher Aide

Teacher Aide
Talofa Lava.

My name is Martha Silva-Tavae and I am currently an ESOL teacher aide here at Maraeroa school. My journey here has been an amazing experience working and helping children with their learning and watching them grow as they go.

I am looking forward to continue doing what I'm doing for the children here at Maraeroa and to support them through everything.

Faafetai Lava.

Teacher Aide
Kia Orana
I am Turou Nootai.  I love working here at Maraeroa school with both staff and students.

Working here has given me an awesome opportunity into one day becoming a teacher.  

Te Atua Te Aroa.

Teacher Aide
Fakaalofa Lahi Atu kia mautolu oti. My names Berna Lukitau. I enjoy working with our kids here at Maraeroa School as well as the staff. 

I was born in the UK but have lived in New Zealand since 1973.  I have three children, ten grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.  I have worked for 27 years in the volunteer Fire Service.  I have skills in fire protection and I'm a generally clever bloke.  I also have a good sense of humour.

School Nurse

Hi, my name is Lisa van Zeyl, the school’s Public Health Nurse……. Or “Nurse Lisa” for short J.  I am a registered nurse that can help support the school, your child and your family with any health needs.  I am passionate about children and the school community. Together with the school, we can provide a nurturing and healthy environment for your family.

You can contact me through the school office on 04 237 6707.

Sui Lamositele-Sio
Family-Whanau Worker
Hi, I'm Sui Lamositele-Sio.  I'm a qualified Family Works family-whanau worker working at Maraeroa School.
Here are some of the things that we can work on together:
  • social skills, self-esteem and confidence for students
  • student's peer relationships
  • concerns about behaviour
  • parenting
  • family violence
  • grief and loss
  • advocacy
  • referrals to other services, such as health nurses or government agencies.
Accessing our support
Getting the support of our family-whanau workers is easy.  You can contact me directly, or a referral can be made by a teacher, family member or friend.  Of course it's up to you and your family if you want to take part and how we work together.

Please feel free to contact me to see how I can help.
Sui's contact details:
cell: 02977103595
email: sui.lamositele-sio@psc.org.nz
Maraeroa School: 04 237 6707